Poly L Lactic Acid (PLLA) is a processable semi-crystalline thermoplastic made by fermentation from renewable carbohydrate feedstock. PLLA is quite stable under everyday conditions, although it does degrade slowly in humid environments at temperatures above its glass transition temperature, which is 55°C. Therefore, composting is usually carried out in professional facilities over a number of weeks. Its chemical resistance is somewhat limited although it is said to have good resistance to solvents in general. PLLA is a stiff polymer of high crystallinity (60-70%), whose mechanical properties are similar to those of polystyrene. PLLA is mostly used in food packaging, but it is also used for a range of medical applications which are in the research phase. The Molecular weight is 60000 – 80000, the Viscosity is 300000 CP and the Melting Point is 150 - 180°C